5 Things We Missed During Snowpocalypse

Considering the first day of spring has come and gone, I think it’s safe to say (please, please don’t let me jinx it) that the record breaking winter has finally ended. As the feet start melting into inches and the ice begins to thaw, let’s reflect on all those things we took for granted during Snowpocalypse 2015.


1. Road Width – Although driving between snowy mountainous ravines sounds like a picturesque New England experience, when you’re white-knuckling it single file down Main Street – not so fun. Granted, there was nowhere for the white stuff to go, but that didn’t make it any less frightening.


 2. Leaving Your House – Snow day! No work! Yahoo! Fast-forward four hours: the laundry has been folded, emails have been sent, and reality T.V. watched. Now. What. Snow days in theory sound magical – sipping hot cocoa as you watch the snow gently fall, but the reality is that the experience is much more akin to Jack Nicholson in The Shining – ‘all snow and no human interaction makes Jack a dull boy’.


3. The Quick Getaway – There’s something to be said for the get-up-and-go of warmer days. Flip-flops and keys, and you’re out the door. Enter: winter. Two pairs of socks (because you know the outer layer is going to get wet), flannels under your jeans, a sweater, giant A Christmas Story-esque jacket, hard-to-pull-on boots and hat, scarf and mittens totaling enough wool to make your own sheep. Now you’re ready to walk to your car. Oh, did I say walk? I meant trudge through feet of snow on top of ice slick. And did I say car? I meant car shaped ice block.


4. Sand – This is Falmouth! Cape Cod! The land of sand! Never thought we’d be in desperate need for nature’s ice melt, and yet all of the shelves were bare – not a grain to be found. This winter was like no other and sand was just another tally on a list of things we had to do without.


5. Falmouth Village – While many shops and restaurants braved the storms as fearlessly as they could, there were days when they simply couldn’t compete with Mother Nature. Snow drifts completely covered parking spaces (and in some cases doors) and there were numerous parking and driving bans issued to the entire state. Now that the environment (and people) are thawing, let’s get out there and get what we missed!

Rant over. Despite all of the wonderful things that we missed, there were some pretty epic things that came out of this dastardly winter. From floating icebergs, to ‘slurpee’ waves hitting Nantucket to walking on the frozen ocean (which has been said to be a once in a generation event), we have certainly had some pretty magnificent winter experiences. As we welcome back summer classics like Soft as a Grape, Liam Maguire’s, and The Pickle Jar lets try to remember Snowpocalypse fondly. Was it cold? Yes. Did it seem endless? Sure. But, did photos of the frozen ocean get us insurmountable likes on social media? Without a doubt. Thank you Snowpocalypse, maybe you weren’t so bad after all.