Bob Rubadeau, award winning author and avid sailor recently visited old friends at View Photography for a night of sipping, noshing, and signing! Friends old and new gathered around to listen to hear a bit about the lessons Bob taught and learned when he took his family to the open sea.

Rubadeau describes the book as “a celebration of what boating brings to friendship and family” and both were apparent at View Photography that night. Bob met his wife, Mary the day she graduated high school and she’s been his first mate ever since. She was proudly snapping pictures and smiling ear to ear during Rubadeau’s chat. Even the story behind Rubadeau’s relationship with Lee and Stefanie of View Photography and Vagabond Treasures is book-worthy. What started with a photo shoot ended in a life-long friendship so it seems.

One of the many interesting elements of the book is the inclusion of QR codes. “Everyone had an idea about how to make the book better,” Bob said, “more charts, more maps etc. I used QR codes. There are five in the book that utilize high def video and photos that take you over the decade.” This technological element adds a level of personalization and depth to the book that simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

The evening was more than a book signing, it was more than an author reading… it was a conversation among friends. Bob and his wife were happy to field questions not only about the book, but about life at sea with children. Bob offered “if I can’t make you laugh and cry within the same chapter, I’ll give you your money back” and in the few short passages he shared with the group, I don’t think anyone will be coming back to collect.

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