Dear Editors,

Since 1981, the Falmouth Fireworks Committee has been delighting the community with a spectacular Independence Day fireworks show. Over its tenure, the show has grown to be considered one of the top ten fireworks displays in the USA. When the Fireworks Committee recently sought a underwriting sponsor to help support the cost of the show, they turned to the Falmouth Village Association. With a long history of supporting the community, the Falmouth Village Association, comprised of 50+ small Falmouth businesses, wanted to insure that the show’s tradition would live on. To assure a red, white and blue holiday for the community, the Falmouth Village Association is proud to be the underwriting sponsor for this year’s July 4th fireworks display in addition to our annual sponsorship of the Independence Day Bike & Carriage Parade held on Main Street at 10:00am on July 4th.

The Falmouth Village Association is also mindful of the sustainability of the July 4th Falmouth fireworks colorful tradition. Thus, a booth during the Falmouth Village Association’s Professional Arts & Crafts Street Festival will be given completely gratis to the Fireworks Committee to raise funds for next year’s event.

Another exciting underwriting sponsorship for The Falmouth Village Association is the annual Jazz Stroll on Friday, October 3, 2014. The Association is working in conjunction with ArtsFalmouth to bring more than 50 musical and jazz performers to businesses throughout Main Street and the Queens Buyway. This special event is free of charge and helps to attract visitors and awareness for Falmouth Village. Without support of sponsors, an evening of free professional jazz entertainment would not be possible in Falmouth Village.

We feel that events like the Jazz Stroll, the Professional Arts & Crafts Street Festival and 4th of July Fireworks help to promote Falmouth Village as the heart of Cape Cod’s arts and entertainment community in conjunction with the town’s galleries and museums. These are causes that are at the core of the Falmouth Village Association’s mission. We acknowledge and thank each of the Falmouth Village Association’s members from Highfield Drive to the Queens Buyway down Main Street for their support and participation in bringing arts and entertainment to the residents and visitors of Falmouth Village.

Mark Cilfone, President, and the Board of Directors of Falmouth Village Association