It’s our favorite time of the year in Falmouth Village… it’s shop local season! We’ll be counting down to the holidays by showcasing  all of the wonderful ways you can support your local businesses. We’d like to kick off the season with a big warm THANK-YOU to every Falmouth Village business’ favorite thing in the world… their wonderful customers! Eight Cousins elected Jolie as their Shop Local Star for the month of October. We got the opportunity to sit down with her and have a quick chat about what a local book store means to her and her family!

What’s your favorite thing about Eight Cousins?

I’ve lived in Falmouth for four years now and every time I come I feel like I discover new stuff – new sections, new products, new displays. It’s always changing and it keeps me and my kids engaged.

Do your kids like Eight Cousins?

Yes! Each of my three children actually has an envelope that we’ve written Eight Cousins on. When they got money for chores or whatever, they’d put some of their money in the envelope and we’d make a day to come down. Now, they’re paper boys on Main Street – they’re making their own money! Often times other local businesses will give them Eight Cousins gift certificates around the holidays – it’s really kind of cool to see other local businesses support Eight Cousins.

What first hooked you to check out Eight Cousins?

Waldo! It was the first event we ever came to here (the events here are awesome by the way) and we attended and my kids were actually in the video which ran nationwide! Ever since that event, we were in. It also helped get us into all of the other businesses.

If you could give a big box store shopper a piece of advice about shopping local what would it be?

Coming and talking to the experts that work here… there’s just no substitute. They’re so dedicated to it. Also, it’s no more difficult to shop on than it is to shop on When you shop on Amazon, you don’t bump into your friend and decide to go for a coffee – I always run into people I know at Eight Cousins – it’s such a great local, social environment. Supporting local businesses is really just number one for me.