The month of October is spooky enough on its own with the thought putting away beach chairs to make room for snow shovels… but when you add in a Friday the 13th – woah. Super spooky. Lucky for us, this Friday the 13th ended up being a spooktacular night had by all at Falmouth Museums on the Green. We celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of boots-and-scarves season with an incredible night under the stars at the Lucky 13 Beer-BQ at Falmouth Museums on the Green. Falmouth’s millennials (and millennials at heart) heard the three B’s – beer, BBQ and band… and they were in!

This was a Falmouth Museums on the Green event after all so the beer was Cape Cod Beer, the BBQ was Sagamore Beach BBQ, and the band was none other than Cape Cod’s own Crooked Coast – doesn’t get much better than that. Except it does. There was also wine from the Cape Cod Winery, complimentary pint glasses, dessert from our very own Bear in Boots (which was a show stealer I must say), door prizes and lawn games. Did I mention a pop up Irish pub? Essentially the adult-version of a bounce house, an inflatable Irish pub complete with faux fire place added a whimsical element to an already awesome night. If you haven’t had a pint in an inflatable Irish pub, I suggest you add that to your bucket list. You too are entitled to an authentic cultural experience without the pesky flight across the Atlantic.

This was the first Lucky 13 Beer-BQ at Falmouth Museums on the Green and if we’re lucky – it won’t be their last!