Vacations offer your Rx to Ride, and are as healthy as an apple a day!According to travel blogger, Ellen Barone of, you should go ahead and give yourself permission to go on vacation this summer.  We say go ahead and do it soon in Falmouth Village, MA!  Not only is Falmouth Village the perfect place from which to explore Cape Cod, vacations in general are good for your health. In her blog, travel expert Barone explains that vacations are not only good for the health they’re good for the soul too.   Barone says “Now, more than ever, you deserve a vacation” and she offers a number of reasons why vacations are healthy and not just for the wealthy and wise. 

Think back over the last year.  What memories stand out in your mind?  The memory that brings a smile probably isn’t the endless hours in the office. We’re willing to bet what you remember are beautiful sunsets and sunrises in places new and novel, the eclectic shopping at tiny independently owned shops or that wonderful bike ride.  Perhaps it’s the massage or facial you got at the new day spa you discovered, the fabulous wine dinner at a wonderful restaurant, delicious breakfasts or simply falling asleep in the “most comfortable bed ever” at a welcoming inn or B&B.  If these are your memories, maybe the vacation you’re recalling was in Falmouth Village, MA, the ideal locale for exploring Cape Cod.

Ellen Barone tells us that among the documented health benefits of leisure activities are a diminished risk of disease, an enhanced immune system, reduced obesity, and increased life expectancy.  And according to the  Annual Vacation Deprivation Survey conducted by, more than half of the professional adults maintained they came back from vacation feeling rested and rejuvenated, and more than one in three maintained that made them more productive at work.

Outdoor dining abounds in Falmouth Village.  Explore independently owned restaurants, shops, spas and more.Summer is the ideal time to schedule a vacation.  From outdoor adventure to shopping local and culinary journeys summer offers the ideal time to get up and go and to explore Cape Cod and Falmouth Village, MA.   Don’t let workplace or family pressure stop you from planning a vacation this year.  Remember, just like smiles, a vacation will add time to your life while offering the time of your life!  To learn more about Falmouth Village, MA and/or to book your Falmouth Village vacation, be sure to visit Falmouth Village and kick-start your health and vacation campaign all in one place!